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The following is to the new owners of our donkeys. It may be helpful to you if you're interested in the care of miniature donkeys.

Things to Remember

Donkeys can survive on good quality hay alone. Pure grass hay is a good hay to feed your donkey. Do not feed alfalfa primarily, it is too rich and does not set well with a donkeys digestive system. It also will make your donkey much too fat. If you are feeding a poor quality hay, you may need to supplement with a SMALL amount of 10% protein equine sweet feed. Donkeys are very “easy keepers”, meaning they utilize their feed very efficiently and you must be careful or they will become too fat. Fat donkeys will develop a “crest” (fat roll) on top of their necks that will stay there for life if it develops. Weanlings need two cups of grain a day and can have all the hay they want without getting over weight. Adults should only have a flake of hay in the morning and one at night, IF you are feeding good quality hay.

Things to Supply 24/7:

Ω Access to SALT BLOCK with TRACE MINERALS and selenium.
Ω Access to FRESH, ample WATER supply.
Ω Access to SHELTER from the rain and wind, especially in the hot summer and cold winter months.
Ω Six to Seven week HOOF TRIMS!
Ω ANNUAL VACCINATIONS — 6-way recommended

Donkeys are very entertaining and a lot of fun to own. They are curious, but also very laid-back. Each one has a different bray and some are more vocal than others. Our donkeys certainly let you know if you’re a minute past feeding time. Sometimes they even let you know when they want their chest scratched or just to be brushed, they’re so spoiled. Our donkeys have ridden on floats in parades, been in live nativity scenes, have provided educational learning experiences with groups of children and driving them for pleasure is fun too. They will accept small children on their backs, but make sure the child is under 75 pounds.

We wish you the best with your new family addition, but if you ever find that you are unable to continue to provide for your donkey(s), please call us day or night and we will come for them immediately, no questions asked. They are always welcome back at our farm. Call ANYTIME with questions, no matter how they sound to you. (843) 340-6812 or (843) 365-1925. : )